Dreamwalkers: Ready To Play Out. . . The Brilliance of Tony Sheppard

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

Dreamwalkers Band worked on some new originals and covers on Monday evening rehearsal. We don't want to lose momentum although we are a bit frustrated at music venues waiting for the all clear to open so we can play out. So we brought in songs we thought might be fun, and tonight, Tony Sheppard stole the evening with his absolutely stellar guitar playing.

We worked on my new song, "Man With the Guru Gaze," a song inspired by a story from the life of Edgar Cayce, about a psychospiritual rescue from our current darkness. The band picked it up quickly and made it into an anthem. I loved what they did with it and Man With the Guru Gaze will be in our setlist. Dave Ross presented his original song "Book of Daniel" inspired by our drummer, Daniel Polyak. 

The band tried out some new cover songs. Debbie Stern knocked the roof off the building with her incredible singing on the Rolling Stones, "Wild Horses." We did Neil Young's "After The Gold Rush," and the Box Tops, "The Letter." Great songs from another time. 

Dreamwalkers worked on a powerful arrangement to Tom Petty's "Saving Grace," a song I personally love and I'm so happy to have a chance to sing it. We had fun with the Traveling Wilbury's "End of the Line," but the night belonged to Tony Sheppard. We spontaneously started "Comfortably Numb," and while Dave Ross had the scream down, Tony Sheppard was positively channeling David Gilmour. He was so good, we were looking at each other in amazement. When you hear him play, you will be knocked out. Wow.

If anyone knows a place ready for us to play, please contact me. We are ready.

Dr Dreamwalker

Songs: Man With The Guru Gaze, Wild Horses, After The Gold Rush, The Letter, Book of Daniel, Going' Down the Road Feeling Bad, End of The Line, Saving Grace, Comfortably Numb.

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