Dreamwalkers: Ready, Steady, Go

Hi to all you Dreamwalkers out there,

So there is good news and bad news regarding our gig on Sunday. The bad news is it might rain again. The good news is we are playing indoors so it's ready, steady, go. 

We had our last rehearsal prior to the gig and everything is in place. The rehearsal was spirited and good, but thankfully not perfect. Don't want to leave our best stuff in rehearsal. Daniel was really strong on drums tonight, he is so much fun for me to play and hang out with.

Debbie and I worked out our singing parts for "Boys of Summer," one of my favorite songs. Although Don Henley made the song famous, it was written by Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Imagine being so filled up with good songs you can pass that one on. Debbie is a musical genius, especially with voice. 

Sure am glad to have Tony Sheppard wailing away on guitar. He can play any style and is a compendium of so many songs in his head. IMO, His playing has never been better.

Dave Ross is steady on the bass guitar. He was singing up a storm last night. 

Finally, me, you own Dr Dreamwalker. I am really proud to be part of this band and can't wait until Sunday when we begin to share our spirit disguised as songs. I believe in our original songs and love the covers we have mindfully chosen. The songs are balanced, the sound is ready, and we are expecting a forecast of great music and fun on Sunday.


Dr Dreamwalker 

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