Dreamwalkers Prep Time

Hi Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

We met for rehearsal in our new rehearsal space and had another great time. One thing is for sure, we really love playing with each other. Our bass guitar player, Bart Dellarmi, is becoming a prime energy in the band. Bart has a great ear, is a wonderful player, and a strong sense of who he is in his playing. I'm enjoying playing next to him and feeling the energy bounding back and forth. Tony Sheppard was playing out of his head tonight. I've rarely heard him better. Pat Russini brings youthful energy and fun into his drumming. We all love Pat. He's the glue for the band. Cullyn Murdock seemed relaxed and happy. Her cover of Comfortably Numb was just scintillating and we'll be playing that one when we perform. I'm having a great time with our originals and covers, as we are bringing forward a few new original songs. The band is starting to really reconstitute and gel. We plan to play our by mid July and will keep everyone posted.


Dr Dreamwalker

Songs: Crazy Movie, Diamond Filled Bouquet, You May Be The One, Only Love Is Real, Machiavelli's Daughter, Dreamer's Story, Wandering In Neutral, Two Insomnias, Music Is The Ride, Third Stone From the Sun, Last Dance With Mary Jane, Comfortably Numb. 

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