Dreamwalkers Porchfest

Good morning, Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

Yesterday, Dreamwalkers Band played at Porchfest, an annual Sarasota grassroots festival of community and music. When bandmate Jeff Hocker and I got to our host's home, we decided we would set up and play on a real porch. It was kind of down home and a relief we didn't have to play on the driveway like last year. Our banner fit it perfectly on the front of the porch and we had some time, so we went walking around the neighborhood taking in a few of the bands. We began setting up at 3 PM for our 4 PM slot, and fighting some very steamy heat, we managed to get a good sound, thank you Jeff Hocker. The weather forecast had a shower predicted for 4 PM, our start time, and at 3:57, rain began to trickle in and then just as we finished putting plastic bags over our main PA speakers, the showers opened up and for a few minutes it poured. Then it passed and we started in earnest. We had a nice group of friends show up as well as a healthy number of Porchfest attendees who were wandering around the musical neighborhood. We had a great time playing. It was fun playing folky style, down-home on the porch. Tony Sheppard was playing a 12 string acoustic guitar and we got some cool sounds out of it. The highlight of the show for me was "You May Be The One," written by myself and Tony Sheppard, sung gorgeously by Culynn Murdock. I always love playing with my musical brother, Jeff Hocker. We would like to thank our host, Jamie Schwartz, for opening her home to us, and to the Porchfest crew for putting on such a great event.


Dr Dreamwalker

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