Dreamwalkers Play Sabrosa

Wow. What a night. As always, we had fun, bookmarked the progress gained, and learned a lot to apply to the future, which is coming up right away. Having the two extra harmony voices added a lot, thank you Culynn Murdock and Pamela Clements. The harmonies on California Dreamin' were sweet. The rhythm section was solid and at times quite brilliant, I appreciate you Jeff Dillon and Jeff Hocker. I loved JD's drumming on Two Insomnias. Some of you who personally know me understand, I think the word 'awesome' is a bit overused. However that being said, in this case I'd like to say, some of Tony Sheppard's solo's were awesome, baby. Hearing my original songs emerge from the musical confluence of these wonderful musicians is very gratifying to me. Being on stage while this vibration is being created is exhilarating. Doing cover songs, interpreting the material of other artists is a different experience. We loved playing Something In The Air, Tom Petty's Breakdown and Mary Jane's Last Dance. In the end we jammed with musical friends. Great fun. Every performance is a universe unto itself, but I can sense a flow is beginning to manifest. I am getting a feel for what works and what doesn't work quite as well. Game speed is a different experience than practice speed but the more we play the easier it is. Thanks to Shannon Lugannani for inviting us back to Sabrosa. See everyone next Friday evening. Same place, but we will start at 9 PM and play until midnight. 


Dr Dreamwalker 

Dreamwalkers thank Pati Beardsley for the photograph

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