Dreamwalkers: Original Band, Original Music

Hey Dreamwalkers Family. . . We had a great rehearsal today, made even more special by the inclusion of new terrific original songs. Culynn Murdock brought her "Wandering in Neutral" a very cool vibe reminiscent of Joni Mitchell's explorations into jazzy material. I loved it. Pam Clements taught us her original song, "Goodbye Forever," a great funky tune with a punch. According to my ears, she wrote a winner. The third original song is my "Suggestion By Echo," inspired by the writing of Indian mystic, Sri Aurobindo. Suggestion is psychospiritual Rock and Roll, ("Love, Love, Love"). Who said spirituality had to be serious? We continue to explore Jeff Hocker's two instrumental efforts, "Dolphin" and "Flow". Original songs from band members are very different stylistically, but all seem to fit together, because we dig each other's music and strongly support each other's creative efforts. Our band's motto is "Original Band, Original Music." We are having such great fun with the music and invite you to join us.


Dr Dreamwalker

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