Dreamwalkers: Let's Have Fun Singing and Get Ready For Playing Out

While our Heartbeat, Daniel Polyak is out of town, we have been getting together for what are supposed to be vocal rehearsals, and technically they are, but what they really are is us singing songs we love and having fun. Yesterday evening, Dave, Debbie (with Joey), and Tony came over and we had some pizza, and then pulled out a few guitars and began to make music.

We began our musical evening with "The Shape I'm In" a classic song by The Band. This one moves along beautifully and fits our vibe. Dave sings lead and there are fun harmonies, led by Debbie. Tony gets the guitar solo and it's just a great vibe.

Of course Joey wants to be a part of everything, and he gets activated by the music until he runs out of energy and then can settle down. We played Debbie's "Tricks On Me" and Dave got the harmony part down. Imagine a bass guitar player who sings harmony. . . what a great deal. Then we played Boys of Summer, the Don Henley classic, and I just love that one. I get to sing the lead. We went through Space Oddity, my own Music Is The Ride, the great Steve Winwood song, Can't Find My Way Home and ended the evening with some work on The Beatles tune, With A Little Help From My Friends. What a fun way to practice.


Joey didn't want Tony to leave, but as George Harrison once said, "All Things Must Pass," and Tony needs his sleep.

A reminder. . . we will be playing out Sunday, April 11 6-9 PM on Siesta Key. If you'd like to join us, please contact me at dr.richardschulman@yahoo.com, through Facebook IM, on this page or by text 941.348.4740. I'll get you directions and the parking code.


Dr Dreamwalker

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