Dreamwalkers: Herding Cats

All members of our Dreamwalkers Band have busy lives. Tony and JD play in other bands and hold down their daily jobs. The rest of us either have jobs or businesses as well as other projects we find demanding. For example, Jeff is a master woodworker among his many other interests and talents as well as having a thriving body work practice. My psychotherapy practice keeps me on my toes, and I have several writing projects I'm working on. So, it is a little like herding cats to get us all in the same room at the same time to rehearse. However, it's worth it. The band is jelling, learning, and playing better. We are preparing for our April 19 gig at Sabrosa, and the rehearsal was great fun and very productive. Some of the songs are in the bank. The newer ones need to be played more, but are sounding better and better. I'm enjoying the harmonies with Culynn and Pam tremendously as well as their original material. I'm exploring the world of pedals with Tony and we are coming up with some cool and interesting sounds. Hope to see our Dreamwalkers Family and Friends on April 19.


Dr Dreamwalker

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