Dreamwalkers Harmonic Journey

I spoke with a professional musician and local band hero a few years ago, who told me, two part harmony is great, but if you can hit three part harmony, you are ahead of everyone in this town. Well, my Dreamwalkers, that is the goal and we began the journey in earnest this evening. Harmony is a different kind of beast to tame, as the voices need to blend and become one. Staying in your lane while exactly matching the other singers is a hypnotic gymnastic event of high difficulty, but when it works, it sounds heavenly. I am accompanied by two wonderful singers, Debbie Stern and Culynn Murdock. Debbie is a master of harmony and works with us to get the balance of voices. Culynn's style is so creative and unique, it is quite something to hear her move skillfully within the structure. It is my great privilege and joy to sing with these two fantastic voices. 

Tonight's rehearsal was facilitated by some work Tony Shepard and I did to hook up a PA and great speakers in my home studio (thank you Tony for the equipment) to create a sweet rehearsal space. It's wonderfull to really be able to hear each other. 

Tony and I pulled out some heavy hitter guitars this evening as well. Hearing Tony play the Gretsch White Falcon is always a treat, and I played my Martin D-28, the guitar I've had the longest, and certainly a classic. They sounded great. If you are wondering where bass guitar player, Bart Dellarmi is tonight, he gets an excused absence as he went to see the Rolling Stones in New York. 

We are looking for a drummer to complete the group, so if someone is out there who would like to get together with some good people who are making wonderful original and cover songs come to life, contact me.


Dr Dreamwalker

Songs: Get Together (Youngbloods), Right Down The Line (Gerry Rafferty), Only Love Is Real, Wandering In Neutral, Walkin' Down The Road, Good To See You Gone.

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