Dreamwalkers Gig Prep

Hi all of my Dreamwalkers out there,

I thought I'd share a little bit of our prep for the gig. Rehearsal on Monday was reserved for tightening up any loose ends, and making final decisions as to what we are planning on playing. Once final decisions were made, I came up with two sets we will be playing. 

Then everyone has to put together the book. It consists of song sheets with each song in order so we don't have to look around for the songs. Personally, I do my best to commit songs to memory, but there are a lot of songs, so it's nice to have backup.

Lights are ready, cables, PA system, music stands, booms for microphones, microphones, tables, water, extra strings, tuners, batteries are among the items needing to be packed up. We have engaged a sound person and a video person. Our good friend, Jessie Lipman is there to help me put everything together. 

The band is very excited to get out and play. Hope to see you Sunday.


Dr Dreamwalker

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