Dreamwalkers Family

As I was thinking back to our gig at Sabrosa on January 4, what struck me was how many of our friends have come out to most or all of our performances. As I moved through the venue during breaks meeting and greeting our friends or while watching people dancing and having a good time while we were playing, it struck me, something interesting was happening. Sarasota used to be a very cool place, but it seems over the past few years, we have lost some of our edge. This is despite the fact there are incredibly talented local musicians playing here every night. It occurred to me it's up to us to generate a Dreamwalkers Family, facilitating fun, inspiring creativity, and providing an avenue of expression. After all, most of my generation is listening to music written before 1975. We are writing songs now for a Dreamwalkers Family, whether refugees from the 60s and 70s, or just cool people of all ages looking for like minds. Hope to see our Dreamwalkers Family on January 18 at Sabrosa. We want to connect with you.


Dr Dreamwalker

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