Dreamwalkers Evolution

Hello Dream-Gliders,

Playing out is always a great learning opportunity. Porchfest gave us a wonderful experience, and watching the videos (thank you, Carla Henshaw) was very enlightening. Integrating what I saw in the videos with feedback from people who attended gave me insight into the next step in Dreamwalkers evolution. So, considering this information along with conversations with the band members, I will be breaking out electric guitars to give us a bigger sound. I have always been more comfortable playing acoustic guitars, and won't abandon them completely, but as I have been taking marvelous guitar lessons from our very own guitar wizard, Tony Sheppard, and working with electric guitars, we agree it's time. 

The band is also expanding into original songs by Jeff Hocker and Tony Sheppard. I am very excited to work on these great songs and I'm sure our fans will love the new material. I continue to write and have a few new ones for the band to consider. I am also looking forward to singing with Jeff Dillon and Tony Sheppard, as we incorporate their voices into our performances. 

We are looking for places to play and worthy causes to play benefit shows for. If you have a cause you'd like us to play for please go to the contact page and let us know. If you have a venue and would be open to showcasing our band we would love to speak with you.


Dr Dreamwalker

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