Dreamwalkers Begin Recording Album at Speakeasy Studios

Dreamwalkers Band began recording out first album Sunday at Speakeasy Studios in Parrish, Florida. Al Torchia of the Tattered Saints and Speakeasy Recording Studios is our engineer for this effort and we had a hardworking but very pleasant and productive day in the studio. Our goal was to generate rhythm tracks (drums and bass guitar) for at least six songs and we met our goal. The recordings we heard were clean and powerful, so I was very happy with today's work. 

We had to do a little experimenting to find what worked for us as a band in the studio. I've never done this before and studio recording is a different animal than performing or making demos. We tried a click track and it just about drove me up the wall, so Al put me in another room (turned out it was his two year old's bedroom, apropos, I thought) to sing scratch or ghost tracks to give drummer Jeff Dillon something to play against. Once we got the hang of it, the process went fairly smoothly. Culynn Murdock joined us to sing her songs, and it was like the two of us were at the little kids table at dinner. Singing the same song several times was challenging at times, as we were only placeholders, to assist in the recording process. In the end, it was gratifying to me to hear the tracks as the session unfolded. 

Once we hit six songs, Jeff Hocker took over and began recording bass guitar tracks. Since we already had the scratch tracks, I could relax. There was a glitch in the Logic Pro digital audio workstation, but a quick call to our friend, Pat Russini, gave us the path to reset the program and move forward. Thank you, Patrick! Jeff was able to go through all six songs and our session ended. Eight hours in a time warp. Time was speeded up and slowed down depending upon what was going on in the moment. 

All in all I wound up exhausted, but happy. We had what I call "Hard Fun." We will meet again next weekend to continue (none of us quit our day jobs). 


Dr Dreamwalker


Diamond Filled Bouquet written by Richard Schulman

Machiavelli's Daughter written by Richard Schulman

You May Be The One written by Richard Schulman and Tony Sheppard

Wandering In Neutral written by Culynn Murdock

A Dreamer's Story written by Richard Schulman

The Redemption written by Richard Schulman

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