Dreamwalkers Band Life

Hello my friends. Band life is unpredictable. We are right at the edge of performing and all of a sudden we need a new bass player. Tonight, bass guitar player, Dave Ross showed up and his vibe was right, he played bass well even on songs he hardly knew, suggested a song and sang it, all in all a very satisfying rehearsal. We have a vision of a band. Everyone seems to be on board with the vision. We are not a typical bar band, but we won't be dull. Really cool original songs, harmonies, and great musicianship. Tony was really on tonight. He plays with an amazing combination of grit and tenderness. We are a little delayed as Dave gets up to speed, we have to take new pictures, but we are moving forward again, and I'm happy to say we'll be out there soon.


Dr Dreamwalker


Everything Is Changing; Trick My Eyes; The Redemption; How I Love to Love You; Harvest Moon; Get Together; Diamond Filled Bouquet; Louisiana Playing On My Mind; Unknown Legend; Something ‘Bout That Boy; Suggestion By Echo

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