Dreamwalkers Album Taking Shape

Hello Dreamwalkers family and friends, this is Dr Dreamwalker blogging from Rohnert Park California. I spent some of the day getting over my fear of heights by zip lining hundreds of feet through the Sonoma County canopy course. It was exhilarating and confidence building. Recording engineer, Al Torchia, sent me the raw tracks that have been worked on by myself and bass player, Jeff Hocker. As a first listener, I am very optimistic. When sharing them with a few people here, I got more optimistic. It’s an amazing experience to feel the songs taking shape one layer at a time.  This experience is also exhilarating and confidence building. We are putting a beautiful sound puzzle together and it feels sometimes like we’re hooking onto a cable and zipping through the songs. I will keep everyone posted. 


Dr Dreamwalker

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