Dreamwalkers: Album Release Party

Hey Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

As The Beatles once said, "The Long and Winding Road," (well if you are going to quote, might as well take from the best) leads to this door. The album is finished musically, it's in the bank. We should have the album back cover and liner notes done over the next few days, then off to CD Baby and our dream is manifest. Many thanks to Patrick Russini for his help in mixing and mastering at the finish line. 

So, we are working on a venue for a release party. It looks like March 31 is the date. If you would like to join us, contact me either by text (941.348.4740); e-mail dr.richardschulman@yahoo.com; or Facebook IM, as we need to have a head count. Our event will be happening at a very cool place and I will give the address and code to get in when you contact me. Our idea is to get together around sunset and play for a few hours, so think about pot luck, BYOB, and perhaps bring a lawn chair. Will provide details as they become solid.

We are very happy to have completion with this project. The record sounds great. 


Dr Dreamwalker

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