Dreamwalkers Album Party

Hello Dreamwalkers,

We had a fantastic album party on Sunday. I'd like to thank everyone who attended, and Bill and Linda Robertson, who invited us to use their gorgeous venue. We watched the sunset on the beach, and then came back to play. Patrick Russini dialed in a wonderful sound and we could spread out and enjoy ourselves. Lynn Hocker began with a beautiful introduction, chronicling the history of the band and our journey to making the album. Culynn Murdock brought a pinada and people had fun with that, then she just came alive with her magnificent voice. Harmonies with Culynn, Debbie Stern, and myself sounded celestial. We had a special treat when Jeff Hocker took over the rhythm guitar and Bart Dellarmi joined us on the bass to support Culynn's Wandering in Neutral. I had great fun incorporating an electric guitar into the set far more extensively than in the past, I guess it was my Bob Dylan moment Newport Folk Festival moment. I loved the way the Telecaster sounded. Pat Russini is getting more and more comfortable with the drums and did an excellent job. 

Daniel Schulman of Schulman Media took photographs and I will have some of them up in a future blog post. The album is up on the internet. If you would like a copy go to dreamwalkersband.com in the store section. You can either get a download or buy a physical CD (in which case you get a free download as well). 


Dr Dreamwalker

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