Dreamwalkers Album. . . Almost There

Greetings Dreamwalkers Family and Friends, I spent the beginning of Saturday working with Jeff Hocker at Dreamwalkers Studio to mix and master two of the remaining songs for the album. The job is exacting and at the same time creative. Later in the day, I put on my recording engineer's hat and recorded lead guitar tracks. I am grateful for my brilliant friend, guitar virtuoso Tony Sheppard for his spectacular contribution to our Dreamwalkers album. We are very close to completion of all the recording tracks on our album. Nine of the 11 tracks have been mixed and mastered and we are feeling optimistic about meeting our goal of having an album by the end of February. Judging by my expression, it’s just in time. Peace, Dr. Dreamwalker

Songs: Diamond Filled Bouquet; Walkin' Down The Road; A Dreamer's Story

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