Dreamwalkers Album: Adding A Professional Touch

I've been mixing songs for a lot of years, and I consider myself to be an advanced amateur. I have confidence I can make well recorded songs sound excellent. Tonight, being Patrick Russini's "sous chef" I found out what a professional can do with the same material. I sat with Pat for 2 1/2 hours as he painstakingly went through seven of our tracks and made brilliant moves to make our album go from sounding great to sounding professional. I was taking notes, and it was my job as technical assistant, to mix the last four songs. The songs are all mixed, and I've sent the last four to Pat for his evaluation (always learning, always new tests). We will re-master them as soon as all the mixes are done. I'm blown away by what can be accomplished 'in the box' (on computer). 

Moving along on another front, I have mock-ups for the back cover and inner sleeve on the album, which I will include here.

The good news is with a few days off before tonight's mix fest, I went into my catalog and have identified 37 songs I'd like to record. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the music.

Big Thank You, Patrick Russini.


Dr Dreamwalker

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