Dreamwalkers Album: A Very Good Day

It's a bit of a shaggy dog story. . . our drummer quits and takes his drum tracks with him. We have click tracks for all the songs but one, and the timing of that song is next to impossible to duplicate because the drummer was unhappy and didn't give a rip about timing. So we had to come up with new rhythm tracks, and our resourceful bass guitar player, Jeff Hocker did so. In this process, Culynn Murdock's wonderful song, Wandering In Neutral was transformed. Her task was to re-sing it differently, after singing it in a certain style for quite a long time. Well, let me tell you, she knocked the roof off our Dreamwalkers studio today and the song is going to be great. Lead guitarist, Tony Sheppard, revealed his brilliance, and I believe when the album is released he will be seen as an elite player. I am so lucky to be with such talented and creative souls. I got to use some of the engineering skills I've amassed over the years, as we have the capability of getting things to line up just so, in the computer.  We have a little more to go to complete the recording process, and the more I hear of what's coming together musically, the more excited I get about our project.


Dr Dreamwalker


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