Dreamwalkers Album 2.0: Vocals Moving Rapidly and Beautifully

Hey Dreamwalkers Out There,

Vocal recording day at Alpha Ear Studio. We completed vocals on three songs, Debbie's Call Me Love and I Think I Think Too Much, and my Magnetic North. I've got to tell you, it was such an incredible thrill to sing backup on Debbie Stern's songs. Her sensitivity and feel for the songs are wonderful and the idea I could contribute to the sound was amazing to me. The support I felt from Debbie and Executive Producer, Patrick Russini created such a comfortable atmosphere for the day. 

Debbie Stern is a consummate professional. She creates gorgeous soundscapes with her voice. Debbie's songs are heartfelt and her lead vocals are wonderful in expressing the emotions of the songs. Her harmonies and other background vocals are out of this world. She has a gift for hearing the harmonies, but also works very hard to get it right. I know if singing is being recorded, it needs to be excellent.

I was a little nervous going in as I never sang harmonies in a studio setting in the past. The knowledge I gained from studying singing with Debbie bore fruit today. I felt I had been launched into a new world. I was able to sing the harmonies effectively and double my own vocals fairly easily. Doubling vocals is a John Lennon technique in which the singer sings the song again, attempting to sing it a second time and get as close to the original as possible. The tiny differences create a fatter sound. Patrick and Debbie seemed happy with both harmonies and doubling, so I was relieved. Singing my own song revealed a depth and confidence I had not felt before today. Wow.

I've got to say what a privilege it is for me to sing and play with Debbie Stern and have Patrick Russini at the controls. The lead guitars of Tony Sheppard have not been recorded yet. At one point Patrick turned to me and said, "All those guitars are you." Singing backup on Debbie's wonderful songs was a thrill. The most amazing thing is how well the Dreamwalkers project is going. We should have an album for everyone by the end of May. 


Dr Dreamwalker

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