Dreams Manifesting In the Material World

Dreamwalkers Band is making it's way manifesting my dream into the material world. Here are the ingredients. . . 

1. The Rhythm Section: The two Jeff's, Jeff Dillon and Jeff Hocker have an uncanny simpatico, an intuitive feel for each other, giving us a powerful foundation

2. The lead guitar: Tony Sheppard's leads are as brilliant as they are heartfelt. Dreamwalkers is his coming out party.

3. Celestial Singers: Pam Clements and Culynn Murdoch provide the voices for three part harmonies which are uncanny sweet and hypnotic

4. Strong Original Material: My songs speak many psychological truths, and are catchy tunes. New songs from Jeff, Tony, Culynn, and Pam are being unveiled. 

Dreamwalkers. . . I'm proud to say I'm in this band


Dr Dreamwalker

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