Dreaming Out Loud Vocals Day

Yesterday, we ventured to Speakeasy Studio to work on vocals. I was accompanied by my voice teacher, Debbie Stern. Debbie is a very accomplished singer, whose credentials are impressive, most notably singing with country music star, Loretta Lynn, for two years, and doing studio work in Nashville for ten years. Debbie and I have been working on my finding my "voices" to bring life, blood, and guts to my vocals. I re-sang a few master tracks and I am amazed at my improvement. Debbie had already graciously volunteered to work on harmonies for the album. Her experience, talent, and heart moved her through the songs creatively and efficiently. She never was at a loss for ideas and I felt the tracks sounded great. It was fun to see her light up with her joy at creating and singing harmonies. She was accompanied by Culynn Murdock on "Only Love Is Real." The album is moving forward and the tracks sound fantastic. Once again, I thank Al Torchia of Speakeasy Studio for creating a great sound, and for his input to the arrangements.


Dr Dreamwalker


Master Lead Vocals: Machiavelli's Daughter; Crazy Movie; The Redemption

Harmonies: Machiavelli's Daughter, Crazy Movie, The Redemption, Only Love Is Real, A Dreamer's Story, Walkin' Down The Road, 12 Years Later, You May Be The One, Diamond Filled Bouquet


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