Dreaming Out Loud

Dreamwalkers band will be "Dreaming Out Loud" tomorrow at Sabrosa from 9-12 PM. Dreaming Out Loud refers to the idea that dreams are stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and our band will be singing them out loud. Each of our original songs is a short journey into the deeper reality we all walk through every day and night. Like an astronaut who brings back moon rocks for all of us to see, the songs go into the unseen world to retrieve ideas, truths, stories, conflicts and confusion regarding this humanity puzzle. After all we are more human than anything else. Oddly, the uncanny reality is when one ventures into the underground, it's a blast. We think of the unconscious as somber and serious, when it's a wild party. I invite our Dreamwalkers Family (whisper in the ear. . . it's technically anyone human) to join with us and walk through a few dreams of our own, your own, and a few given to us by great songwriters we love. 


Dr Dreamwalker

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