Chalk Festival Postponed Due to Health Concerns: Red Tide

Red Tide took out our Chalk Festival. The Red Tide/Algal Bloom was unprecedented in scope, destroying sea life in this area for a long time and I could do a huge rant about my rage regarding the horrible people behind this outrageous outbreak. It smells awful and is dangerous to health. Anyway, Dreamwalkers Band is invited to play when it is rescheduled and will keep you posted.

Here's the message from the Festival organizers.

Hello Performers,

The Chalk Festival and the Pavement Music Festival will be rescheduled due to the Red Tide threats.  During the past two weeks, discussions between the Chalk Festival organizers with Mote Marine, Sarasota County, Venice airport officials, the health department, financial backers and more, finally concluded to reschedule the event.  Health and safety of the participants and the public were the biggest concerns.  The Chalk Festival and the Pavement Music Festival will be rescheduled for late winter or early spring.  We will let you know when a decision is made. 

We appreciate your willingness to perform with us and would like for you to perform at the rescheduled event if you would be available.  Let me know that you received this message and if you would like to be contacted to perform at the rescheduled event.  We hope the rescheduling will not be a major inconvenience with you.

I'm not very peaceful about this Red Tide thing,

Dr Dreamwalker

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