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I'd like the Dreamwalkers family and friends to meet Bernard Gaines, a man who inspires many and the guest of honor at the Chili Cook-off fundraiser. Dreamwalkers band has been invited to play for the event by Cindy Ervin. 

Bernard has had two strokes, 2005 & 2016. It’s been a long tough ride for he and his family. His second stroke hit him particularly hard, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down on his right side, unable to speak. 

Physically, he's doing much better. A year and a half ago, he needed complete assistance in every way, getting fed through a tube, due to an inability to swallow. Bernard now goes to You Fit gym to workout 2 to 3 times a week and plays golf with a handicap group. He's getting stronger and better every day and happy to be alive. 

When I asked friends to describe Bernard, here are a few responses: 

"He raises money for autism, and he does stroke awareness. He chairs recovery meetings. He’s a great husband and a wonderful friend. He has a great sense of humor. He loves God. He works everyday toward getting well. 

Looking at his Facebook page, one thing shines through, his indomitable spirit and smile light up every post. No matter the challenges, his focus remains outward on helping others. 

His wife, Sally Rosbury, an occupational therapist, is Bernard's primary caretaker and the family's sole provider. Due to Bernard's medical needs, resources have been exhausted. This is where the Dreamwalkers family comes together, to help one of us, because Bernard is the kind of man who would do the same for everyone of us. 

So get your chili recipe's ready, bring your bibs, you kids, your friends, your hungry loved ones and your wallet. Let our family help this family.

You can get tickets for the chili cook off at the door or you can enter the cook off by calling Cindy at 941-807-7806 


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