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Dreamwalkers 2.0 Rehearsal 

Hey Dreamwalkers. 

The band got together for a rehearsal Sunday afternoon. We found a great space and thank Don Stiber and Mary Beth Stiber for providing it. Bass Guitar player Bart Dellarmi, and Drummer, Patrick Russini, had their first rehearsal together. They were joined by Tony Sheppard, Culynn Murdock, and myself. We played a number of our originals and a few covers. It took a little while for us to knock the rust off, but by the end of our practice, things were gelling very strongly and we worked hard and had great fun, "Hard Fun."

We are happy to be playing again, and although we will miss Jeff Hocker, Bart is moving into the role with grace and skill. He's got a different vibe than Jeff, but the band seems to easily flow with him. 

Planning on playing out in about a month. Will keep everyone posted.


Dr DreamwalkerSongs: Norwegian Wood, Crazy Movie, You May Be The One, Diamond Filled Bouquet, Wandering In Neutral, Machiavelli's Daughter, Dreamer’s Story, Only Love Is Real, Music Is The Ride, Secret Agent Man, Last Dance With Mary Jane, My My Hey Hey, Don't Let It Bring You Down

Dreamwalkers Album Review 

I am truly enjoying your CD. What an accomplishment and message from the heart! Thanks so much for sharing it with me and the world. Truly remarkable talent. D.S. Cambria, CA

Machiavelli's Birthday (free download)  

Today is Machiavelli's birthday. In "honor" of the day, Dreamwalkers is offering a free download of the song "Machiavelli's Daughter." Just go over to the Store section of the website put in your e-mail and the song is yours. Thanks to my friend, Gerri Czachowski, for letting me know about this special day.

Machiavelli himself would be very comfortable in today's environment. Here are a few quotes. . .

It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both. 

Men judge generally more by the eye than by the hand, for everyone can see and few can feel. Every one sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are. 

The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.

Happy Machiavelli's Birthday, Dreamwalkers.

Here's the song if you just want to listen but not download.

Sound and Vibration 

Sound and vibration are healing energies. “There once was a note, Pure and Easy, playing so free like a breath rippling by.” Pete Townshend 

Dreamwalkers: Starting to Move Forward 

Dreamwalkers rehearsed on Sunday afternoon, and we are beginning to integrate bass guitarist, Bart Dellarmi, into our band. He is a very gifted musician, and his style is very different from Jeff Hocker's, so we are having fun moving with the new groove. Since I've known Bart for a long time, he has suggested we include some of my original songs that he knew that weren't in the band's setlist in the past. We worked on Music Is The Ride, a song about taking my then 12 year old son to his first concert. It has an upbeat, Bo Diddley, kind of vibe. We also worked on including Suggestion By Echo, a song we had previously done, but changed the key and some of the vocals and Everything Is Changing, an anthem for our time. We began working out arrangements for covers like two of my personal favorites 4 Tops song, Reach Out I'll Be There, and Traffic's Low Spark of High Heeled Boys. Who knows what we will wind up with but we are having fun and seeing the potential goodness of the band. 


Dr Dreamwalker


Album Review 

Excellent musicianship and songs reminiscent of our youth...very sixties centric, especially the San Francisco connection (Jefferson/Dead) with a bit of Allmans thrown in for good measure. Just my take on it. Singing was nice but I didn't check out the lyrics on the website. Save that for another time. Good job recording, as well but thought the bass and drums could have been punched up a bit on some tunes (that's just my "producer" ear. All in all a great effort; you all should be very proud. G.C. New York, New York.

Classic Covers 

My friend, Gerri Czachowski, posts lists of top twenty hits on Facebook with great regularity. The songs that comprised the soundtrack of my youth are open game for the band. She just posted the top 20 from WMCA-AM radio in New York City for April 22, 1966. Dreamwalkers currently cover two of the songs, Secret Agent Man and California Dreamin'. We are working on several more from that era including: Reach Out I'll Be There, Something In The Air, Time of The Season are good candidates. 

WMCA-AM Radio - Top 20 - Week of April 22 1966 

1 GOOD LOVIN’ - The Young Rascals 
2 (You’re My) SOUL AND INSPIRATION - The Righteous Brothers 
3 SLOOP JOHN B - The Beach Boys 
4 MONDAY, MONDAY - The Mama’s & The Papa’s 
5 TIME WON’T LET ME - The Outsiders 
6 BANG BANG (My Baby Shot Me Down) - Cher 
7 SECRET AGENT MAN - Johnny Rivers 
8 WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN - Percy Sledge 
9 KICKS - Paul Revere & The Raiders 
11 CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ - The Mama’s & The Papa’s 
12 THIS OLD HEART OF MINE (Is Weak For You) - The Isley Brothers 
14 MESSAGE TO MICHAEL - Dionne Warwick 
15 GLORIA - The Shadows Of Knight 
16 RAINY DAY WOMEN #12 & 35 - Bob Dylan 
17 I’M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY - B.J. Thomas & The Triumphs 
19 GOIN’ WILD - The Jive Five 
20 A GROOVY KIND OF LOVE - The Mindbenders

It was a groovy time to be alive. Peace,

Dr Dreamwalker

Album Review: "The Redemption had left an earworm." 

I was coming back across the bay from my girlfriend’s, driving her 2001 BMW M3 convertible. Somehow, with the top down, and beautiful sunny California all about me, that lengthy guitar intro to Crazy Movie (and then some of the lyrics) seemed perfect.  I was able to listen to the entire cd, in one swoop, under the sun.  I realized this morning, when I woke up, that “The Redemption” had left an earworm. 

p.s. just a couple of other thoughts...  townshend's influence was clear but not overt... the directness of your lyrics and i was mildly surprised that you seemed more influenced by Lennon than McCartney.... i always thought you more a Paul kind of guy. Anyway, nice CD

D.K. San Carlos, California

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