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Dreamwalkers Begin Recording Album 2.0 

Hello Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

Monday evening was a noteworthy event as Dreamwalkers Band engaged album 2.0. I give much appreciation to our heartbeat, drummer Daniel Polyak who generously offered his studio as the site to begin. We practice at his place regularly, but I thought some appreciation is indicated. Also, appreciation to Patrick Russini, who will be executive producer and recording engineer for the project. 

Pat is meticulous regarding sound, so he carefully set us up to do scratch tracks for each of our songs. In this process, the band plays to create a skeleton of the song, so to speak, and once everyone is happy with arrangement and tempo, we move to the next song. Later, we go back and re-record every instrument and voice, one at a time. For example, Pat will extensively mic the drums, and Daniel will play to the rest of the track. At the end, every instrument will be re-recorded with superior quality both in performance and sound. 

We wound up finishing four songs: Debbie's "I Think I Think Too Much," and "Louisiana Playing On My Mind," and two of mine, "The Outsider," sort of Johnny Cash meets the X-Files, and "Everything Is Changing," which of course it is. The process is hard fun, exhilarating but exhausting. It was amazing to hear the songs coalesce under the pressure of creating the structure of the track. Everyone has to be on the same page here, and creative ideas were flowing as to how to make the arrangement for each song.

I have great faith in these songs and my bandmates. Dreamwalkers 2.0 (unnamed as yet) is going to be excellent.


Dr Dreamwalker


Dreamwalkers: Music Is The Ride 

Good morning Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

The band rehearsed Monday evening, and I'm going to quote Debbie Stern, "Everyone is coming in to their own with creative ideas and what’s great is that we are all willing to listen to each other without attitudes.. that is true respect!" I agree with that sentiment. 

I wrote a song years ago about three concerts that changed my life. The song is called Music Is The Ride, and has the hook, "Life is an amusement park, Music is the Ride. I took my son, Dan, then 12 years old, to see his first concert, Bruce Springsteen in 2009. His exclamation, "I'M SO GLAD WE'RE HERE," and THIS IS AN AMUSEMENT PARK WHERE MUSIC IS THE RIDE." reminded me of two concerts that changed my life, The Beatles at Shea Stadium in Queens, and The Who at Fillmore East in New York City. The Springsteen concert in Tampa, brought me back to how great live music could be and how it is transformational in nature, at least for me. I wrote most of the song when we got back, and recorded at demo (thank you Wolfgang Kohler). I reworked the song years later, from the perspective of the child thinking back to his first concert and his father's love for the guitar and music, and added the final verse about returning home, changed forever. 

Yesterday, I presented the song to the band, and they surfed the 'Bo Diddley' style riff like they had been playing it forever. Tony Sheppard was a wonder, playing rock and roll leads in th style of Jimmy Page, but with his own fantastic twists on the sound. Dave Ross got the bass line right away, Debbie Stern took the harmonies, and our heartbeat, Daniel Polyak got the beat as if he wrote the song. I was enthralled. We are going to add it to our setlist and it will be on the album. It's the kind of magic rock and roll can provide, after all, "Life is an amusement park, Music is the Riiiiiiiiiiide."


Dr Dreamwalker

This is a photo taken at the Springsteen concert. Dan was 12 and I looked a bit different myself. We both were wearing Rickenbacker t-shirts. 


Dreamwalkers Album 2.0 gets a Boost 

Dreamwalkers band members are all healthy and back at rehearsal. Our practice was punctuated by a visit from old friend and sound engineer Patrick Russini. Pat was there to take a look around Daniel’s studio and make suggestions about recording our album. Pat had some great suggestions about the recording process and we will be setting up a time for him to come over and get started. If there are no gigs available right now it’s a perfect time to get moving on recording. 

Tonight’s rehearsal focused on our second set. Band is starting to really jell and we are looking forward to playing out as soon as we are permitted to do so.



Songs: The Word, Don't Give Me A Second Thought (Let Me Be Your First), Only Love Is Real, Louisiana Playin’ On My Mind, Somethin’ ‘Bout That Boy, The Redemption, How I Love to Love you, Machiavelli’s Daughter, Tuesday Afternoon, West LA Fadeaway, You Say.



New Normal is an Oxymoron, Dreamwalkers Band Rehearsal Is Normal 

Normal is having pizza with someone you don’t know . Normal is playing music with Dreamwalkers Band. We got together Monday evening and had a great rehearsal. Everyone was excited to be back together and it was great fun and great music. The energy for moving to the next level was certainly there. Sweet. Kudos to Tony Sheppard, Debbie Stern, Dave Ross, and “The Heartbeat” Daniel Polyak.


Dr Dreamwalker 

Songs: Everything is Changing, Dancing With The Man In the Moon, Love Is A Rose, Good to See You Gone, Crazy Movie, End of the Line, Call Me Love, Lucky Me, Diamond Filled Bouquet, You May Be The One, Get Together.

Bravo, Tony Sheppard 

Dreamwalkers Band is so blessed to have Tony Sheppard on lead guitar. I play with him a lot and an consistently amazed at his combination of technical skill, heartfelt tenderness and raw power. Bravo, Tony Sheppard. We are ready to begin recording the new Dreamwalkers album and start playing out.

Peace, Dr Dreamwalker 

Beads On One String 

Pete Townshend has always been a visionary. Still, I doubt if he could have predicted how perfect the metaphor of Beads On One String would be for where we are now during this world wide pandemic. I wanted to try a simple, stripped down version of the song. Love you, Pete. I decided to send it out to friends on this Easter/Passover moment. It's in the video section.


Dr Dreamwalker

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Stay at Home, Pink Moon, John Prine 

Happy Easter and Passover Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

Easter, Passover, Stay At Home, Pink Moon, John Prine passes away. What a power packed week. John Prine's death hit me hard. I met him in 1974 and he was humble and sweet, more or less congruent with what his songs portrayed. John was an American Treasure and won't be replaced. So, as a tribute to him, Debbie Stern and I learned "Angel From Montgomery," and recorded it for the video section of the site.

By the way, I decided to look up what an Angel From Montgomery actually was. Montgomery is the capital of Alabama and an Angel From Montgomery is a phone call from the Governor of Alabama with a release from the electric chair. The song is about a woman whose marriage is so sterile, it's like a death sentence.

I have a feeling everyone in this country feels like he or she would like to get one of those calls about now. By the way did you see that incredible Full Moon the other day? You could practically read by it. Pink Moon. Beautiful.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers. . . 12 Years Later. . . a Tribute to my cousin, Lonny Stone, who died at the World Trade Center 

Hello Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

Songs are like children. They are born, have an infancy, a toddlerhood, an adolescence, and then emerge as adults. Some are healthy and strong, others not so much. You don't wish to play favorites, but sometimes you can't help it. 12 Years Later is one of those times. The bigger story is my cousin, Lonny Stone, was murdered on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York. He was the nicest guy in the entire family. About 1,000 people attended his funeral and a street was named for him in Queens, NY. The entire country was traumatized by the event, but the families and friends who personally lost someone more so. About four months later, I had this uncanny event where during an acupuncture session I went into a waking dream. My grandparents (long deceased) were at the top of the staircase in my childhood home motioning for me to come up the stairs. When I got there, my friend and mentor, Arnold Lee Glass (also deceased) greeted me and ushered me down a long hallway. At the end of the hallway, surrounded by a golden glow was my cousin. He was wearing a white shirt and faded blue jeans, no shoes or socks. He looked great, had all his hair back. I said, "You look pretty good for a dead guy." He smiled, then told me he was trying to get through to his mother and couldn't because her grief was so strong and asked me to tell her to let go that he was okay. When I gently told her about it, she laughed and said, "He's come to everyone in the family except me and his father with the same message." 

I wondered how the others who were killed on that tragic day would feel about a war being started in their names with countless souls murdered and many more lives decimated by the conflict. I didn't think they would approve. In the end, "It's love that keeps us strong. Now we are in a situation in which the entire world is united in the battle against COVID19. It's not dissimilar from the feeling I had the day Lonny died. Remember "it's love that keeps us strong."

I posted the song, done in a stripped down version with Debbie Stern on Keyboards and backing vocals. Send love rather than fear in these troubling days.

Peace, Love.

Dr Dreamwalker


Harvest Moon. . . Stay At Home 

Hello Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

It's less than a month since the world turned upside down. We are frustrated at not being able to rehearse together as a band. Everything was clicking in the right direction, and the band was really starting to jell as a cohesive unit. So now we reset. It's a crazy making time for us all. Still, we remain in contact and look forward to the restrictions being lifted, people getting better and our national psyche (and financial systems) start to heal.

In the meantime, I had a feeling this was going to happen, and Debbie and I recorded a bunch of songs in a stripped down fashion to share with everyone. We are not using echo or reverb so the sound will be simple as well, but there is an intimacy around doing this that was sweet and we hope you like them. Today's post is Harvest Moon, a cover of one of Neil Young's finest efforts. As a band we love Neil Young, and I personally have been following him since Buffalo Springfield days. He is an international treasure. Check out the video section to see. 

A reminder, you can still download the Dreamwalkers album for free in the Store section of the site.

So everyone stay healthy, be cool, get creative, play music, and send love and healing to the world.


Dr Dreamwalker

Music Is The Great Healer. . . Call Me Love in Video section. 

Hi Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

I've noticed people are starting to react to current circumstances with depression, a malaise where everyone feels tired even when they rest. This is a disease of the soul, and it's very contagious. When people's ordinary coping mechanisms are slammed shut, this is an expected consequence. The only way to fight is to use known and unknown, expected and unexpected coping mechanisms. One sure way to cope is music. Gratitude is also a healing balm. Go to the video section and watch/listen to Debbie Stern's gorgeous original song, "Call Me Love." The song has a warmth to counteract the emotional aridness of these unprecedented days and odd experiences.


Dr Dreamwalker

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