Dreamwalkers Open Mic: Stottlemyer's Smokehouse

Hello to all those Dreamwalkers out there who wish to manifest a dream in real time.

Tomorrow evening, the band will venture out to Stottlemyer's Smokehouse to play at the open mic there on Tuesday evening (which technically is today). We had a great rehearsal tonight and we are ready. We don't know exactly when we will go on and we will be playing three songs and would welcome all of our friends coming out and hanging with us. The open mic starts at 6 and goes to 9, but we will be getting there early so we will likely be in the earlier part of the evening. Stottlemyer's is a cool place with terrific food and we are looking forward to playing there. 

Wednesday and Thursday, Debbie Stern, Patrick Russini and I will go into Alpha Ear Studio and knock out the final mixes on our album. Everything is coming together and we expect the next few months will be Dreamwalkers time.


Dr Dreamwalker