Dreamwalkers Album 2.0. . . The Tony Sheppard Show--Lead Guitar

Hello Dreamwalkers out there,

We are in the stretch run of laying down tracks. Today, Tony Sheppard began the task of turning really great tracks into something absolutely special with his lyrical, melodic, powerful lead guitar work

We arrived at…

Dreamwalkers Album 2.0: Vocals Completed

Hi to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

Big day for our album. I met with Debbie Stern and sound engineer/executive producer, Patrick Russini and we completed all the vocals for our upcoming Dreamwalkers album, "Music Is The Ride."

Debbie is…

Dreamwalkers: Eagle's Club

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

We had a blast playing and are spending time with the videos to produce something special for all our friends and family. Some highlights were Debbie's "Something About That Boy," and "How I…

Dreamwalkers: Album 2.0 Vocals

Hey Dreamwalkers out there,

Here is Tink, Patrick's cat. She fiercely upholds and protects the sanctity of Alpha Ear Studio. 

Debbie Stern and I went into Alpha Ear Studio on Thursday and had quite a fantastic session. We worked on…

Dreamwalkers Gig Prep

Hi all of my Dreamwalkers out there,

I thought I'd share a little bit of our prep for the gig. Rehearsal on Monday was reserved for tightening up any loose ends, and making final decisions as to what we are…

Dreamwalkers: Ready, Steady, Go

Hi to all you Dreamwalkers out there,

So there is good news and bad news regarding our gig on Sunday. The bad news is it might rain again. The good news is we are playing indoors so it's ready, steady…

Dreamwalkers: Rainout. . . Reconnect

Hey friends of Dreamwalkers Band,

Well, as they say in Florida, "We need the rain." Unfortunately, after a string of beautiful days, Dreamwalkers Band gig in Siesta Key was rained out. As it turned out, we made there right call…

Dreamwalkers Album 2.0 Adding A Voice

Hi Dreamwalkers,

We are continuing to record vocals and are getting to the last few songs for our album. Today, we brought in our bass guitar player, Dave Ross, to provide a low end voice for harmony and doubling. 


Dreamwalkers: Rehearsal. . . Recording. . . Revealing

Hey Dreamwalkers out there,

It's a busy and exciting time for the band. We've been moving through the vocal section of our album, while preparing to play out. 

Last Thursday, Debbie Stern and Patrick Russini guided me through the vocals…

Dreamwalkers: We Love To Sing. . . Joey Joins Rehearsal

Hi to all those Dreamwalkers out there,

We admit it. We love to sing. With our Heartbeat, Daniel Polyak, unable to make tonight's rehearsal, the remainder of the Dreamwalkers crew decided to have a vocal rehearsal led by Debbie Stern…