Dreamwalkers Rehearsal: Shaping "Dolphin" and "Road Song"

What a great day to be a Dreamwalker. The ranks of songwriters with songs to play in our group went from one to three today. Our rehearsal became a day of creation manifesting, as we prepared the songs of Jeff…


Seeing a Legend

Any time you have a chance to see a legendary musician or band, go for it. Carlos Santana and the Santana Band played at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Friday evening. It was my great joy to hear Santana as if…

The 60s Vibe

Dreamwalkers are adding legendary guitars, the Rickenbacker 330-12, enhanced by a Janglebox compression pedal, a Fender 12 string electric and a Gretsch Tennessee Rose to our band's herd of instruments. The Rickenbacker 12 string electric guitar was considered The Beatles…


Joni Adno sits in with Dreamwalkers Band

Dreamwalkers Band's rehearsal, Sunday evening, brought in a fresh voice and new musical ears, as we were joined by our friend, Joni Adno. Joni shared her gorgeous voice, keyboard skill, and musical ideas with the band. The process of bringing…


Young Dreamwalkers

Check out some photos of the Dreamwalkers when they were young and musical.


Music Videos: 12 Years Later and A Dreamer's Story

Two music videos were added to our Video section. 12 Years Later was written as a tribute to all who were murdered at the World Trade Center, and dedicated to my cousin, Lonny Stone, who died there on September 11…


Dreamwalkers Evolution

Hello Dream-Gliders,

Playing out is always a great learning opportunity. Porchfest gave us a wonderful experience, and watching the videos (thank you, Carla Henshaw) was very enlightening. Integrating what I saw in the videos with feedback from people who…


Video Section is Operating

The video section is now up and operating. If anyone has videos from any of our performances, Dreamwalkers would appreciate it if you could let us know through the contact section of the website.

Join The Dreamwalkers Family

Join the Dreamwalkers Family . . put your e-mail on the form on the home page or go over to the contact page and let us know you wish to be a Dream-Glider. You will be the first to find…


Porchfest Performance

Dreamwalkers Band played Porchfest in Sarasota. Porchfest is a community celebration of music, based in the Arlington Park area of Sarasota. Despite the heat, we had a great time performing at this wonderful event. There was a good crowd and…

Porchfest Preview 

Dreamwalkers rehearsal for Porchfest went smoothly, as we are refining new arrangements for many of the songs. For now, we are moving forward as a foursome, with me, Dr Dreamwalker, doing most of the singing. We created a few spaces…