Harmony Singing and the Brain

There is no doubt singing improves happiness and is connected to brain function. I am working very hard right now to become an effective harmony singer. Fortunately, Dreamwalkers singer, Debbie Stern, is the queen of harmony, and is a great teacher to boot. There are people who can pull harmonies out of the air naturally. Others, like me, have to train the ear/brain. I am just beginning to get a glimmer of how this works. For now, I learn my part over and over. But the trick is not just in singing the right notes (although it sure helps). Harmony is about blending with the lead singer. So, I'm finding I have to hear myself, to keep the right notes (not the melody), but also listen to the lead singer in order to blend. In essence one is a participant and observer, but participation is based on the observation. Sounds a bit like psychotherapy. Wow. 

So now with a few days passing, I'm getting a bigger picture in understanding the relationship between harmony and a singer's inner world. If I blend with the other singer, my tendency is to leave the harmony and sing the melody. So after some discussion and much trial and error (thanks Deb for being so patient), I am getting the idea of how to split the inner world without getting too confused musically. By the end of our work today, I was finally, so to speak, getting in tune.


Dr Dreamwalker

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