Harmony and More

Some people can pick harmonies out of the air. I can’t but practice makes all things possible. Debbie Stern, queen of harmony, Dave Ross and I worked together to find that magic of people blending their voices together. It’s a wondrous thing when the  vibrations of three people come together in the right way. The hair on my arm started standing up. It takes some work though, we have to follow the lead singer and not only hit the right now but hit the inflections correctly as if we’re merging souls. I’ve been studying with Debi for about 18 months now and it’s pretty amazing growth that I’ve experienced. Dave got thrown in at the deep end but he did very well.

We are almost done getting Dave Ross up to speed with familiarity with our songs. He has done an amazing job. We are very lucky to have Dave in our band. Tonight, we had a spirited rehearsal with great energy. We are beginning to come together as a band. Drummer Daniel Polyak is cooking with high octane rhythms and really has captured the vibe of our band. I'm hearing Tony Sheppard take his place as a master of guitar. We have come up with new arrangements of original material, and new cover songs. It's been quite some time since Dreamwalkers played out, as we had many losses and obstacles, but I feel like this group is just about ready to play out and we are all excited about what's been happening.

Great fun, wonderful music, and good friends who enjoy each other and love to play music together.


Dr Dreamwalker

Songs: by Debbie Stern-- Good To See You, Gone, Don't Give Me A Second Thought; by Richard Schulman-- Two Insomnias, Walkin' Down The Road; Covers: Tuesday Afternoon, End of the Line, Love Is A Rose


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