Dreamwalkers: Sunday Afternoon Rehearsal

Good evening, Dreamwalkers Family. Dreamwalkers band had a terrific rehearsal on Sunday afternoon. I was impressed with our Celestial Singers, Pam Clements and Culynn Murdoch, who are crafting beautiful vocals for our original songs. Pam is singing lead on So Many Stars, written by me, and Culynn is singing on You May Be The One, written by Tony Sheppard and myself. We also worked on arrangements for cover songs, Rikki Don't Lose That Number, and Can't Find My Way Home. I'm sure people will enjoy our versions of these great songs. We are working on harmonies for many of our songs because they sound great and are so much fun to sing. Jeff Hocker's Dolphin is being reworked with me on rhythm guitar to help create space for Jeff's bass solo and Tony's lead guitar. Jeff Dillon, the heartbeat of the band, is the band member we all rely upon for the foundation of our sound. Kudos to JD. We are ready to play out again, and are actively looking for places to play. Hope we will see you soon.


Dr Dreamwalker

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