Dreamwalkers: Album 2.0 Vocals

Hey Dreamwalkers out there,

Here is Tink, Patrick's cat. She fiercely upholds and protects the sanctity of Alpha Ear Studio. 

Debbie Stern and I went into Alpha Ear Studio on Thursday and had quite a fantastic session. We worked on three songs, Debbie's "How I Love To Love You Lord," and "Good To See You Gone," and my "Silence Between The Worlds." We were able to complete the lead vocals as well as doubling on all three, and finished the harmonies and background vocals on "How I Love To Love You Lord" and "Silence Between The Worlds." What a sweet and wonderful journey.

Debbie is just a genius at harmony and background vocals. Her voice is such an amazing instrument. The creativity in the moment is breathtaking. Once again, I was able to do things I didn't think I could do, which is always welcome. I had never sung Debbie's song before and I had to jump in and do background and was able to do so efficiently. I'm finding I am enjoying singing background and harmony, especially on Debbie's terrific songs.

We only have background and harmony vocals on a few more songs and we will pass the baton to Tony Sheppard for lead guitar. Then we mix and master and have an album. 


Tink. . . well actually Dr Dreamwalker

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