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Dreamwalkers Album: This Is Getting Exciting 

Hey Dreamwalkers,

This is Dr Dreamwalker giving an update on our album. Working with Speakeasy Recording engineer, Al Torchia, I completed acoustic tracks on the remainder of our songs for the album. Amazingly, I conquered the vagaries of the click track and felt good about keeping everything in the correct tempo, which I'm sure will gladden the heart of our bass player, Jeff Hocker. I felt a great sense of excitement as Al and I listened to the multiple guitars building the foundation for the tracks that will be mixed into cohesive songs. With most of the songs being my original contributions, it was in many ways like watching my children begin to grow up. Now that we have the backing tracks and they sound good (Al insisted on strong performances), we can bring in Jeff's bass lines, Tony's lead guitar and Culynn and my vocals. We are very happy to have Debbie Stern helping us on harmonies when the time comes. Drummer Jeff Dillon left the recording sessions and the band, so we will be looking for a drummer both to sit in on the album and then play performances. My excitement and optimism about the project are high. I am looking forward to completing the album and sharing with our Dreamwalkers Family and Friends.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Invited to Play, Album Recording in Process 

This is a transformational time for Dreamwalkers Band. We have been invited to play at several community events and are continuing the recording of our album.

Part of the mission of the band is to support community outreach and benefit causes. We have been invited to play at Porchfest, a celebration of community music taking place in the Arlington Park neighbor hood on October 7.. We played at Porchfest last year and had a blast. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk on October 20th at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota has invited us to play at their event. We have also been asked to play at the Chalk Festival in Venice, Florida. This event takes place from November 9-12. I will post details as they emerge.

Today is a big day for our recording process. we will be in studio working to create the foundational rhythm tracks for a number of songs included in the album. I have created scratch or ghost tracks for them to work from. As I have mentioned in the past, creating in a studio environment is a very different experience from being on the stage. So far, I am very pleased with the learning curve. Some things sounded great right off the bat, others, upon review, needed work. There will be some surprise guests on the album and Dreamwalkers Band is excited to include some of our very talented friends in the process.

One last thing. . . does anyone call it an "Album" anymore? I guess people buy music like I used to buy 45s (ancient history, little record with a big hole in the middle), aka singles. Now it's mp3s or just listen on Youtube or a music service. For me, it will always be an album.

Take care my Dreamwalkers, its a Solar Eclipse day. . . Transformation.


Dr Dreamwalker


Dreamwalkers Back to the Studio 

Dreamwalkers are preparing to dive back into the studio. We are making good progress towards completion of our album. We have broken into smaller groups to prepare for the studio. Today we had a guitar rehearsal, Wednesday, we plan a vocal rehearsal. Saturday, we are aiming to complete the rhythm tracks for all of the songs. The process is great fun, very demanding, and quite creative as well. I am hearing things in the songs I have never heard before. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Recording Session #2 

Today, Dreamwalkers moved forward with recording our album. We continue to build the foundation of our songs. Last week we completed drums and bass guitar for six songs. Today, we put rhythm acoustic guitars and some electric guitar work on the songs. Culynn Murdock began to put vocal tracks on her song, "Wandering In Neutral." Today, I experienced the magic of putting beautiful 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars in unison to create wonderful rhythm tracks. I also played my Rickenbacker 12 string to provide sounds reminiscent of the Byrds and a 60s vibe to my song,"The Redemption." Tony Sheppard began the task of creating lead guitar for our songs. We used two very cool Fender Tube Amplifiers to give us a spectacular electric sound. All in all, the day was exhausting but went quickly and smoothly. The songs are taking shape and I am optimistic.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Begin Recording Album at Speakeasy Studios 

Dreamwalkers Band began recording out first album Sunday at Speakeasy Studios in Parrish, Florida. Al Torchia of the Tattered Saints and Speakeasy Recording Studios is our engineer for this effort and we had a hardworking but very pleasant and productive day in the studio. Our goal was to generate rhythm tracks (drums and bass guitar) for at least six songs and we met our goal. The recordings we heard were clean and powerful, so I was very happy with today's work. 

We had to do a little experimenting to find what worked for us as a band in the studio. I've never done this before and studio recording is a different animal than performing or making demos. We tried a click track and it just about drove me up the wall, so Al put me in another room (turned out it was his two year old's bedroom, apropos, I thought) to sing scratch or ghost tracks to give drummer Jeff Dillon something to play against. Once we got the hang of it, the process went fairly smoothly. Culynn Murdock joined us to sing her songs, and it was like the two of us were at the little kids table at dinner. Singing the same song several times was challenging at times, as we were only placeholders, to assist in the recording process. In the end, it was gratifying to me to hear the tracks as the session unfolded. 

Once we hit six songs, Jeff Hocker took over and began recording bass guitar tracks. Since we already had the scratch tracks, I could relax. There was a glitch in the Logic Pro digital audio workstation, but a quick call to our friend, Pat Russini, gave us the path to reset the program and move forward. Thank you, Patrick! Jeff was able to go through all six songs and our session ended. Eight hours in a time warp. Time was speeded up and slowed down depending upon what was going on in the moment. 

All in all I wound up exhausted, but happy. We had what I call "Hard Fun." We will meet again next weekend to continue (none of us quit our day jobs). 


Dr Dreamwalker


Diamond Filled Bouquet written by Richard Schulman

Machiavelli's Daughter written by Richard Schulman

You May Be The One written by Richard Schulman and Tony Sheppard

Wandering In Neutral written by Culynn Murdock

A Dreamer's Story written by Richard Schulman

The Redemption written by Richard Schulman

Sabrosa Closing 

On July 12 Dreamwalkers played our last performance at Sabrosa prior to the closing of the venue. We thank owner, Shannon Lugannini, and his staff for being so supportive and welcoming during our gigs. We wish Shannon success in his next venture, which I'm told is being a father. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Recording This Weekend 

Dreamwalkers are rehearsed and ready to go into the studio to record our first album. The arrangements have been organized and rehearsed as a full band, but studio work is done in layers, so this will be a new experience for us as a band. We have chosen 10 original songs to be recorded for the effort, with all of our band's song writers represented. Debbie Stern has graciously agreed to help out with the arrangement and singing of vocal harmonies. I am very encouraged by the level of playing during the most recent rehearsals and we are all excited to get underway.


Dr Dreamwalker


Dreamwalking You Home or Dreaming Out Loud? 

Dreamwalkers rehearsal on Sunday focused on preparing for recording our album in a few weeks. I began using the pedal board to create new sounds with my acoustic guitars, and added a 12 string acoustic guitar. The 12 string provides a very full sound and at times feels a little like having a piano in your lap. I was impressed by the power of the instrument to add different flavors to our sound.

We will be playing all of the songs we intend to record at our next gig at Sabrosa on Thursday, July 12. Tentative titles for the album are Dreamwalking You Home and Dreaming Out Loud. Let us know the title you prefer or suggest another one and you could win a Dreamwalkers t-shirt. 


Dr Dreamwalker


Dreamwalkers Prepare to Record CD 

Dreamwalkers Band rehearsed Sunday afternoon with the express purpose of preparing to record our first CD, tentatively titled, "Dreamwalking You Home." The album will consist of original material written by Jeff Hocker, Culynn Murdock, Tony Sheppard, and Dr Dreamwalker. We are very excited to get into the studio, and as we organize, I am reminded to appreciate all the great artists and music engineers who have given us so much. Some of the process is simple, some complicated, none of it easy. Asking me to choose the songs that will be on the record and those to exclude is excruciating, sort of like asking who my favorite child is, but some constriction must take place in order to manifest. All in all, we had a very productive and focused time arranging some of our favorite songs. There is an odd feeling of a "greatest hits" album, which sounds silly, as this is our first album, however, we've been playing the songs for a while, so they are very familiar to us. We hope to begin the recording sessions by the end of the month. 

In addition, Dreamwalkers will be back at Sabrosa on July 12 @ 8 PM. We thoroughly enjoy playing at Sabrosa, a cool place for music, food, and drink and hope to see our Dreamwalkers Family and Friends there.


Dr Dreamwalker


Summer Solstice at Sabrosa 

Dreamwalkers celebrated Summer Solstice at Sabrosa last Thursday. We had the pleasure of violin/mandolin player, John Reynolds, sitting in with us. John's playing brought a counterpoint to the leads of guitar player, Tony Sheppard and added the heart shaking quality of his instruments and playing to the mix. Thank you, John. The friendly audience responded strongly to covers of Rikki Don't Lose That Number and Secret Agent Man, and our new original tune, Suggestion By Echo. We always have a great time at Sabrosa, and thank Shannon Lugganini for inviting us back. 


Dr Dreamwalker



Set 1

Diamond Filled Bouquet written by Richard Schulman

Only Love Is Real written by Richard Schulman

Harvest Moon

12 Years Later written by Richard Schulman

Road Song  written by Tony Sheppard

Last Dance With Mary Jane 

Dolphin by written by Jeff Hocker

Redemption written by Richard Schulman


Set  2

Norwegian Wood 

Time To Fly written by Richard Schulman

Wondering In Neutral written by Culynn Murdock

California Dreamin'  

Crazy Movie written by Richard Schulman

Machiavelli’s Daughter written by Richard Schulman

Rikki Don’t Lose That Number 

With A Little Help From My Friends  

Two Insomnias written by Richard Schulman


Set 3  

Walkin’ Down The Road written by Richard Schulman

Can’t Find My Way Home

You May Be The One written by Richard Schulman and Tony Sheppard

Secret Agent Man 

Suggestion By Echo written by Richard Schulman

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