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Sweet Sounds at Sabrosa 

Dreamwalkers Band played at Sabrosa Thursday evening. While it was difficult to compete with the Stanley Cup playoffs, we did have some sweet souls come out to hear us play. We had a great time, and it is clear to me how far we have come. Kudos to Culynn Murdock for her wonderful song, "Wandering in Neutral." Culynn's voice is captivating as she sings her own original material, my songs, and covers we love. Bravo Culynn. Original songs by Tony Sheppard and Jeff Hocker were both fun and powerful. Tony's lead guitar work was phenomenal all evening. He is really hitting his groove with the band. Jeff Dillon, heartbeat of the band was fantastic on our original song, "Two Insomnias," as well as the rest of the night. For me, it's a joy to play with such wonderful musicians, who brilliantly honor my original songs. I'm loving this band. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Photograph by Jeff Dillon

Chili Cook-off Tickets on Sale Tuesday 

Tickets to the chili cook off fundraiser for our friend Bernard Gaines will be available on Tuesday! Please everybody get involved and make this work! Let’s all pitch in and make life a little easier for his family. If you don’t want to enter chili or a desert just buy a ticket and come eat! Live music by Dreamwalkers! It’ll be a great day! 3 pm on June 10, 2018 KIDS UNDER12 GET IN FREE! I'm asking the Dreamwalkers Family to step up, cook some chili and lets see how you do. If you can't cook, I'll bet you can eat. 

You can get tickets for the chili cook off at the door or you can enter the cook off by calling Cindy at 941-807-7806


Dr Dreamwalker

More Guitars 4 Vets 

Carla came up with another guitar for the Guitars4Vets program. Jill Dye, the owner of the guitar said, "I would like to donate the Kawai acoustic guitar my brother, Jack Dye, gave me when he returned from Vietnam. He bought it in Okinawa in 1965. He was a Lt. in the Army in Vietnam. It would be wonderful if it could be enjoyed by another veteran! What a great idea!!" Jill related her brother is very active and lives in Virginia. We thank Jill and hope her generous gift inspires other to give to this worthy program. Please check out their website:, but if you wish to donate, contact us as we are in contact with our local chapter. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Playing With Great Joy 

The lesson here is never ever miss a chance to see Victor Wooten. The Wave (Jeff Hocker) and I journeyed to the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater to see Victor Wooten's Fun&Funk Xplosion. He performed with his brothers, and the comedian Sinbad playing funk music which resulted in the most fun I’ve had at a concert for as long as I can remember. I have never smiled and laughed more during a concert. Victor is a magician on the bass guitar, Wooten brothers Regi (guitar) Joseph (keys) and Roy "Futureman" (drums) and Bob Franceschini (sax) were just brilliant. They played funk music that just made you want to smile and dance. I knew we were in for something special when they started playing Sly & The Family Stone songs. A highlight was a guitar thump off between Victor and Regi. I couldn’t figure out how they were going to integrate Sinbad into the show but it was seamless and brilliant. Sinbad's Barry White impression was hilarious. The most important thing was the great joy and love they poured into the music and our hearts. Thank you Victor Wooten


Dr Dreamwalker

Blurry Bandmates (my bad)

Dreamwalkers Field Trip 

Remember in elementary school when your entire class would pile into a bus and go to a theatre on a field trip? Tony Sheppard and I went to Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater to see The Alan Parsons Project. What an inspiring show. Songs from the album, "I Robot" were particularly emotional. The music was brilliant, beautiful, sweet, edgy, and powerful. I loved the show and found it inspiring. I will never understand why this group did not reach the heights of popularity.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers at Sabrosa 

Hello Dreamwalkers Family and Friends. We had a blast playing at Sabrosa again and were joined by our Dreamwalkers Family including Film Director, Sonny Marler, virtuoso guitar player, Shaun Hopper, singer and voice coach, Debbie Stern and Alex Chavez from Blue Phoenix band I think Sonny was having a lot of fun filming us, and I'm sure he got some wonderful footage. Shaun let me know how much he appreciated hearing our three part harmony during the lighter moments in the first set. Debbie gave me feedback on the keys that she felt worked best for my voice. There is no doubt we are markedly improved. Our arrangements are stronger, the harmonies sweeter, and the simpatico between us is emerging organically. It was a fabulous night. Everyone had fun and the audience joined in for the songs, A Little Help From My Friends, California Dreaming, and Can't Find My Way Home. One last thing, I was blown away by the singing of Culynn Murdock, when she knocked "You May Be The One" out of the park. Bravo, Culynn! A big thank you to Shannon Lugannani and the staff at Sabrosa for making us feel so welcome. 


Dr Dreamwalker





Diamond Filled Bouquet by Richard Schulman

Only Love Is Real by Richard Schulman

Harvest Moon

Time To Fly by Richard Schulman

Wandering In Neutral by Culynn Murdock

California Dreamin'  

So Many Stars by Richard Schulman

Redemption by Richard Schulman


Road Song by Tony Sheppard

Crazy Movie by Richard Schulman

Machiavelli’s Daughter by Richard Schulman

Norwegian Wood 

Dolphin by Jeff Hocker

Rikki Don’t Lose That Number 

12 Years Later by Richard Schulman

Two Insomnias by Richard Schulman


You May Be The One  by Richard Schulman and Tony Sheppard

With A Little Help From My Friends  

Can’t Find My Way Home 

Goodbye Forever by Pamela Clements

Walkin’ Down The Road by Richard Schulman

Last Dance With Mary Jane 

Suggestion By Echo by Richard Schulman

Secret Agent Man

Dreamwalkers Return To Sabrosa; Dr Dreamwalker Returns From Music City 

Dreamwalkers Band is returning to Sabrosa on Thursday, April 19 @ 8 PM. We always have fun there, the people are great, and the food is terrific. We would love to see you. 

I spent a weekend in Nashville, Tennessee, and I was impressed by the number of music venues. There are no waiters in Nashville, only songwriters. My visit was enhanced by a trip to Gruhn Guitars, a legendary guitar store. It did not disappoint. There were so many classic guitars and other stringed instruments. I would have loved to bring home the Martin D-21 that got me hot and bothered in 1972, but alas, once again, it was too speedy to buy.

Hope to see everyone on Thursday.


Dr Dreamwalker



Guitar Heaven Weekend 

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers Family and Friends. . . I had an amazing experience over the past few days. I call it my Guitar Heaven Weekend. On Saturday, I got to rehearse with our own Tony Sheppard. Tony is a great player, teacher, and friend. He is lyrical, technically skilled, warm, and inventive as a player. I feel more confident in my own playing by just being in the same room with him. It is a great honor and privilege to playing alongside such a wonderful player. Saturday evening, Carla and I travelled to the Hideaway Cafe in St. Petersburg to see our friend, Shaun Hopper. Shaun is a virtuoso player, comfortable in so many styles, especially the Chet Atkins style, and a great songwriter as well. What a treat to sit up close and watch him in a small club, playing what he wants and having fun with it. It's always fun to see Shaun and we do it often. Finally, on Sunday, Carla and I journeyed to Orlando to see Tommy Emmanuel. We got a chance to meet him and he graciously signed my guitar and gave me a set of strings he thought would work well with it. We also spoke about the Guitars 4 Vets program and he told the crowd about it during the show. He was brilliant, inspiring, funny, warm, tender, and electrifying. Live music is very healing especially when played by such great players as Tony Sheppard, Shaun Hopper, and the master, Tommy Emmanuel.


Dr Dreamwalker

Tony Sheppard

Shaun Hopper

Tommy Emmanuel

Dreamwalkers: Herding Cats 

All members of our Dreamwalkers Band have busy lives. Tony and JD play in other bands and hold down their daily jobs. The rest of us either have jobs or businesses as well as other projects we find demanding. For example, Jeff is a master woodworker among his many other interests and talents as well as having a thriving body work practice. My psychotherapy practice keeps me on my toes, and I have several writing projects I'm working on. So, it is a little like herding cats to get us all in the same room at the same time to rehearse. However, it's worth it. The band is jelling, learning, and playing better. We are preparing for our April 19 gig at Sabrosa, and the rehearsal was great fun and very productive. Some of the songs are in the bank. The newer ones need to be played more, but are sounding better and better. I'm enjoying the harmonies with Culynn and Pam tremendously as well as their original material. I'm exploring the world of pedals with Tony and we are coming up with some cool and interesting sounds. Hope to see our Dreamwalkers Family and Friends on April 19.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Work The Details 

Hello my Dreamwalkers family and friends. The band is working hard to prepare for our April 19 gig at Sabrosa. Most of the songs are in good shape, which gives us the ability to fine tune the details. We worked on Rikki Don't Lose That Number, the Steely Dan favorite. Pam Clements is doing great with that one. The band engaged several of my original songs, Time To Fly, Machiavelli's Daughter, and Suggestion By Echo. I love Suggestion By Echo. I finally wrote a Rock and Roll Psychospiritual Anthem. Tony Sheppard had a wailing rock and roll guitar on that one. Another cover song, Something In the Air is sounding great as well. We had the chance to work on two Jeff Hocker tunes, Dolphin and Flow. Great stuff. Jeff and JD made some great suggestions to arrange the songs. We always play Crazy Movie, cause after all, our lives are a Crazy Movie. See you on April 19.


Dr Dreamwalker

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