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The 60s Vibe 

Dreamwalkers are adding legendary guitars, the Rickenbacker 330-12, enhanced by a Janglebox compression pedal, a Fender 12 string electric and a Gretsch Tennessee Rose to our band's herd of instruments. The Rickenbacker 12 string electric guitar was considered The Beatles "secret weapon," popularized by George Harrison, who received the second one ever built. Roger McGuinn of The Byrds brought the chimey, jangly treasure to a wide audience on songs like Turn, Turn, Turn and Mr. Tambourine Man. Pete Townshend of The Who used a Rickenbacker live in the early days of the band and on several of their early albums. Tom Petty used Rickenbackers extensively in his live performances and studio work. You can see Rickenbacker guitars playing in many British Invasion bands like The Zombies, Herman's Hermits, and The Searchers. The Janglebox pedal was designed to replicate the Byrds sound, and it does it's job faithfully. The Rickenbacker 12 sound put it's distinctive stamp all over 60s music and continues on to this day. The Fender 12 electric came out of Japan in the 70s and is a bit of a rarity. It has a sound reflective of early 60s surf music and I love it as well. The Fender is easier to play, as the Ric's neck is very small. Finally, there is a Gretsch Tennessee Rose. George Harrison played a Gretsch Tennessean on the Ed Sullivan show all those years ago and I thought it looked so cool. The Tennessee Rose is a modern version of that guitar and captures to original Gretsch "growl." All are sounds of the 60s and have the vibe  I personally love the sound and am happy to be playing these wonderful guitars. We are looking forward to bringing the sound and vibe to some of our original songs as well as beloved cover songs. Check out the video section for a demo of the Rickenbacker.


Dr Dreamwalker

Joni Adno sits in with Dreamwalkers Band 

Dreamwalkers Band's rehearsal, Sunday evening, brought in a fresh voice and new musical ears, as we were joined by our friend, Joni Adno. Joni shared her gorgeous voice, keyboard skill, and musical ideas with the band. The process of bringing someone new to an established group can be difficult, however, once we overcame the initial jitters, it was very productive and a lot of fun. Dreamwalkers Band is a very flexible and open group, incorporating new ideas fluidly and rapidly. The band played some of our original songs and covers, but also played some songs emerging from the new energy. The rhythm section, Jeff Dillon on drums and Jeff Hocker on bass provided a solid and creative foundation for the songs. Joni and Tony Sheppard have been in several different bands together and already have a simpatico in their playing. Joni suggested some key changes to fit my voice, which I thought were very positive and we tried out a few new arrangements for songs. Changes are certainly in store for us, as I brought out my Rickenbacker 12 string guitar, to add a rock and roll element to some of the songs. This is an exciting time to be a Dreamwalker. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Music Videos: 12 Years Later and A Dreamer's Story 

Two music videos were added to our Video section. 12 Years Later was written as a tribute to all who were murdered at the World Trade Center, and dedicated to my cousin, Lonny Stone, who died there on September 11, 2001. 

Here is what I wrote at the time. . . My cousin, Lonny Stone, died at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. I wrote this song in 2013, twelve years after the tragedy. 12 Years Later is the story of how, after death, Lonny's spirit came to me to ask that I tell his mother, my Aunt Evelyn, to let go of her grief, that he was fine. He looked beautiful. After that happened, I wondered how the others who died on that terrible day would feel about the fact that a war began and many thousands died. My answer was they would have wanted us as a nation, to grieve and move on. Video by Daniel Lee Schulman. Words and Music by Richard Schulman.

A Dreamer's Story was more of a home grown affair. I used iMovie and the Ken Burns technique to have a little fun with the song. All dreams depicted in the song were real (and mine). Jeff Hocker played Bass Guitar and Wolfgang Koehler played Lead Guitar. The computer supplied the drums. I played everything else and sang. I had a lot of fun putting the video together and the experience gave me a great appreciation of how difficult it is to do this well.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Evolution  Podcast

Hello Dream-Gliders,

Playing out is always a great learning opportunity. Porchfest gave us a wonderful experience, and watching the videos (thank you, Carla Henshaw) was very enlightening. Integrating what I saw in the videos with feedback from people who attended gave me insight into the next step in Dreamwalkers evolution. So, considering this information along with conversations with the band members, I will be breaking out electric guitars to give us a bigger sound. I have always been more comfortable playing acoustic guitars, and won't abandon them completely, but as I have been taking marvelous guitar lessons from our very own guitar wizard, Tony Sheppard, and working with electric guitars, we agree it's time. 

The band is also expanding into original songs by Jeff Hocker and Tony Sheppard. I am very excited to work on these great songs and I'm sure our fans will love the new material. I continue to write and have a few new ones for the band to consider. I am also looking forward to singing with Jeff Dillon and Tony Sheppard, as we incorporate their voices into our performances. 

We are looking for places to play and worthy causes to play benefit shows for. If you have a cause you'd like us to play for please go to the contact page and let us know. If you have a venue and would be open to showcasing our band we would love to speak with you.


Dr Dreamwalker

  1. Diamond Filled Bouquet

Video Section is Operating 

The video section is now up and operating. If anyone has videos from any of our performances, Dreamwalkers would appreciate it if you could let us know through the contact section of the website.

Join The Dreamwalkers Family 

Join the Dreamwalkers Family . . put your e-mail on the form on the home page or go over to the contact page and let us know you wish to be a Dream-Glider. You will be the first to find out about upcoming shows, new releases, community outreach events - what the band is up too, next! 

Porchfest Performance 

Dreamwalkers Band played Porchfest in Sarasota. Porchfest is a community celebration of music, based in the Arlington Park area of Sarasota. Despite the heat, we had a great time performing at this wonderful event. There was a good crowd and the organizers were gracious. From a personal point of view, it felt great to get out and play for people. Playing in practice is one thing, but playing out is a different deal. Like in sports, one has to get used to the speed of the game. Things happen very quickly when you are on stage and you have to get used to how fast they go. Most audience members don't know if you've made a gaffe, unless it is a big one, so one must keep on keeping on no matter what. The feedback we received was decidedly positive and I felt like we did well.


Dr Dreamwalker (Richard Schulman)

Dreamwalkers Lineup: Drums: Jeff Dillon; Bass Guitar: Jeff Hocker; Lead Guitar: Tony Sheppard; Vocals and Rhythm Guitar: Dr Dreamwalker (Richard Schulman)

Due to time constraints, we only had an hour to play and decided to play only original songs.


Crazy Movie

Child's Play

The Redemption

Diamond Filled Bouquet

A Dreamer's Story

Only Love Is Real

No Footprints In The Snow

Machiavelli's Daughter

Walkin' Down The Road

Time To Fly

Two Insomnias

Porchfest Preview  Podcast

Dreamwalkers rehearsal for Porchfest went smoothly, as we are refining new arrangements for many of the songs. For now, we are moving forward as a foursome, with me, Dr Dreamwalker, doing most of the singing. We created a few spaces for lead guitar wizard, Tony Sheppard, to stretch out. When he goes for it, the notes fly of the keyboard. Guitar is blazing. A few covers have been added to the set, each with a chance for our Tone Star (Tony) to go to town with some guitar magic. The rhythm section of Jeff Dillon on drums and The Wave, Jeff Hocker, on bass guitar, seems to get tighter and more relaxed at the same moment. Sounds like a martial arts approach. I have found the more clearly I hear my voice through the monitor, the easier it is for me to concentrate and yet be relaxed into the songs. Do you sense a pattern here? We had great fun in the rehearsal, and threw a few clams, which is always a good sign, portending a great show. The idea of Porchfest, a celebration of our community in music is such a wonderful concept, and we are honored to be one of the bands chosen to play. We will be at 2267 Hillview Street from 4-5 PM, Sunday. October 8. Come out and join together with the band.


Dr Dreamwalker

  1. The Redemption

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