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Summer Solstice at Sabrosa 

Dreamwalkers celebrated Summer Solstice at Sabrosa last Thursday. We had the pleasure of violin/mandolin player, John Reynolds, sitting in with us. John's playing brought a counterpoint to the leads of guitar player, Tony Sheppard and added the heart shaking quality of his instruments and playing to the mix. Thank you, John. The friendly audience responded strongly to covers of Rikki Don't Lose That Number and Secret Agent Man, and our new original tune, Suggestion By Echo. We always have a great time at Sabrosa, and thank Shannon Lugganini for inviting us back. 


Dr Dreamwalker



Set 1

Diamond Filled Bouquet written by Richard Schulman

Only Love Is Real written by Richard Schulman

Harvest Moon

12 Years Later written by Richard Schulman

Road Song  written by Tony Sheppard

Last Dance With Mary Jane 

Dolphin by written by Jeff Hocker

Redemption written by Richard Schulman


Set  2

Norwegian Wood 

Time To Fly written by Richard Schulman

Wondering In Neutral written by Culynn Murdock

California Dreamin'  

Crazy Movie written by Richard Schulman

Machiavelli’s Daughter written by Richard Schulman

Rikki Don’t Lose That Number 

With A Little Help From My Friends  

Two Insomnias written by Richard Schulman


Set 3  

Walkin’ Down The Road written by Richard Schulman

Can’t Find My Way Home

You May Be The One written by Richard Schulman and Tony Sheppard

Secret Agent Man 

Suggestion By Echo written by Richard Schulman

Dreamwalkers Play at Sun 'N Fun For Fundraiser 

Dreamwalkers Band played Sunday at the Chili Cook-Off at the Sun 'N Fun RV Resort in support of stroke survivor Bernard Gaines. While the heat and humidity were stifling (it's Florida in mid June) and the venue akin to playing inside an airplane hangar, we had great sound support from Pascal, so all obstacles were overcome and we had great time. Bernard, who speaks with the aid of a computer, is a remarkable man had a chance to share his gratitude. The place was filled with love and support and we took the opportunity to play "With A Little Help From My Friends," at that moment. 

Bernard said he felt like he was part of the band. Here's a photo of him receiving a Dreamwalkers t-shirt. 

Many Dreamwalkers Family showed up in support of this worthy cause. Sarasota Guitar Legend and friend, Lenny Brooks came to support Bernard and said hello during a break.

There were at least 12 kinds of Chili and a bunch of desserts as well. I heard Bert's chili was great, but find it hard to eat anything while we are in playing mode.

Here are Bernard and his wife expressing gratitude for the outpouring of love and support.

Dreamwalkers set-list:

Diamond Filled Bouquet (written by Richard Schulman)

Norwegian Wood

Only Love Is Real (written by Richard Schulman)

Harvest Moon

Time To Fly (written by Richard Schulman)

Wandering In Neutral (written by Culynn Murdock)

California Dreamin' 

The Redemption (written by Richard Schulman)

The Road Song (written by Tony Sheppard)

Crazy Movie (written by Richard Schulman)

With A Little Help From My Friends

Machiavelli's Daughter (written by Richard Schulman)

Rikki Don't Lose That Number

Child's Play (written by Richard Schulman)

12 Years Later (written by Richard Schulman)

Two Insomnias (written by Richard Schulman)

Dolphin (written by Jeff Hocker)

Can't Find My Way Home

You May Be The One (written by Richard Schulman and Tony Sheppard)

Secret Agent Man

My personal favorites were Culynn's singing on You May Be The One, Tony's guitar on Can't Find My Way Home, JD's drumming on Two Insomnias, and Jeff's Dolphin, I am always grateful to get through the keyboard part of Dolphin without incident. Probably the most fun was Secret Agent Man, where we channel the early 60s and blast away. 

Thanks to Cindy Ervin for organizing the event and inviting the band, Carla Henshaw for filming the songs and making some tasty chili, Pascal, who created a great sound despite the difficult conditions, and my incredible bandmates, Jeff Dillon, Jeff Hocker, Culynn Murdock, and Tony Sheppard, who always show up big. 

I will be posting videos in the Video section of this website. Hope to see everyone at Sabrosa on June 21 for  Summer Solstice Party.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers To Play Chili Cook-Off Benefit 

Dreamwalkers had our last rehearsal prior to the Chili Cook-Off Benefit for Stroke survivor Bernard Gaines. We had a lot of fun rehearsing and look forward to playing this Sunday, June 10 from 3-6 PM at the Sun 'N Fun RV Resort located at 7125 Fruitville Rd., Sarasota. We need all our Dreamwalkers Friends and Family to show up and support this cause. Bring your chili and compete or just come and eat. Kids under 12 eat free. You can buy a ticket at the door or call Cindy 941-807-7806 for entry forms. 


Dr Dreamwalker



Dreamwalkers Reminder. . . June 10 

Welcome to June my Dreamwalkers Family and Friends. I greet you from sunny and dry Arizona where I am embracing a much needed vacation. We've made it to June and I'm reminded that on the 10th of this month we are having a Chili Cook-Off to benefit one of our own, stroke survivor, Bernard Gaines. Dreamwalkers will be playing on that Sunday afternoon at the Sun N' Fun Pavillion in support of Bernard, and I'd like all of our Dreamwalkers Family and Friends to come out. If you like to cook, get into the spirit and put your chili to the test. Compete with other chili fanatics. If you just like to eat, that's a little easier. It will be kid friendly and children under 12 eat for free. Please call Cindy 941-807-7806 or contact me for entry forms and tickets to the event.  The band is stoked and ready to play. We need your help for Bernard.


Dr Dreamwalker

Bernard Gaines Inspiration 

I'd like the Dreamwalkers family and friends to meet Bernard Gaines, a man who inspires many and the guest of honor at the Chili Cook-off fundraiser. Dreamwalkers band has been invited to play for the event by Cindy Ervin. 

Bernard has had two strokes, 2005 & 2016. It’s been a long tough ride for he and his family. His second stroke hit him particularly hard, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down on his right side, unable to speak. 

Physically, he's doing much better. A year and a half ago, he needed complete assistance in every way, getting fed through a tube, due to an inability to swallow. Bernard now goes to You Fit gym to workout 2 to 3 times a week and plays golf with a handicap group. He's getting stronger and better every day and happy to be alive. 

When I asked friends to describe Bernard, here are a few responses: 

"He raises money for autism, and he does stroke awareness. He chairs recovery meetings. He’s a great husband and a wonderful friend. He has a great sense of humor. He loves God. He works everyday toward getting well. 

Looking at his Facebook page, one thing shines through, his indomitable spirit and smile light up every post. No matter the challenges, his focus remains outward on helping others. 

His wife, Sally Rosbury, an occupational therapist, is Bernard's primary caretaker and the family's sole provider. Due to Bernard's medical needs, resources have been exhausted. This is where the Dreamwalkers family comes together, to help one of us, because Bernard is the kind of man who would do the same for everyone of us. 

So get your chili recipe's ready, bring your bibs, you kids, your friends, your hungry loved ones and your wallet. Let our family help this family.

You can get tickets for the chili cook off at the door or you can enter the cook off by calling Cindy at 941-807-7806 


Dr Dreamwalker




Sweet Sounds at Sabrosa 

Dreamwalkers Band played at Sabrosa Thursday evening. While it was difficult to compete with the Stanley Cup playoffs, we did have some sweet souls come out to hear us play. We had a great time, and it is clear to me how far we have come. Kudos to Culynn Murdock for her wonderful song, "Wandering in Neutral." Culynn's voice is captivating as she sings her own original material, my songs, and covers we love. Bravo Culynn. Original songs by Tony Sheppard and Jeff Hocker were both fun and powerful. Tony's lead guitar work was phenomenal all evening. He is really hitting his groove with the band. Jeff Dillon, heartbeat of the band was fantastic on our original song, "Two Insomnias," as well as the rest of the night. For me, it's a joy to play with such wonderful musicians, who brilliantly honor my original songs. I'm loving this band. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Photograph by Jeff Dillon

Chili Cook-off Tickets on Sale Tuesday 

Tickets to the chili cook off fundraiser for our friend Bernard Gaines will be available on Tuesday! Please everybody get involved and make this work! Let’s all pitch in and make life a little easier for his family. If you don’t want to enter chili or a desert just buy a ticket and come eat! Live music by Dreamwalkers! It’ll be a great day! 3 pm on June 10, 2018 KIDS UNDER12 GET IN FREE! I'm asking the Dreamwalkers Family to step up, cook some chili and lets see how you do. If you can't cook, I'll bet you can eat. 

You can get tickets for the chili cook off at the door or you can enter the cook off by calling Cindy at 941-807-7806


Dr Dreamwalker

More Guitars 4 Vets 

Carla came up with another guitar for the Guitars4Vets program. Jill Dye, the owner of the guitar said, "I would like to donate the Kawai acoustic guitar my brother, Jack Dye, gave me when he returned from Vietnam. He bought it in Okinawa in 1965. He was a Lt. in the Army in Vietnam. It would be wonderful if it could be enjoyed by another veteran! What a great idea!!" Jill related her brother is very active and lives in Virginia. We thank Jill and hope her generous gift inspires other to give to this worthy program. Please check out their website:, but if you wish to donate, contact us as we are in contact with our local chapter. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Playing With Great Joy 

The lesson here is never ever miss a chance to see Victor Wooten. The Wave (Jeff Hocker) and I journeyed to the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater to see Victor Wooten's Fun&Funk Xplosion. He performed with his brothers, and the comedian Sinbad playing funk music which resulted in the most fun I’ve had at a concert for as long as I can remember. I have never smiled and laughed more during a concert. Victor is a magician on the bass guitar, Wooten brothers Regi (guitar) Joseph (keys) and Roy "Futureman" (drums) and Bob Franceschini (sax) were just brilliant. They played funk music that just made you want to smile and dance. I knew we were in for something special when they started playing Sly & The Family Stone songs. A highlight was a guitar thump off between Victor and Regi. I couldn’t figure out how they were going to integrate Sinbad into the show but it was seamless and brilliant. Sinbad's Barry White impression was hilarious. The most important thing was the great joy and love they poured into the music and our hearts. Thank you Victor Wooten


Dr Dreamwalker

Blurry Bandmates (my bad)

Dreamwalkers Field Trip 

Remember in elementary school when your entire class would pile into a bus and go to a theatre on a field trip? Tony Sheppard and I went to Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater to see The Alan Parsons Project. What an inspiring show. Songs from the album, "I Robot" were particularly emotional. The music was brilliant, beautiful, sweet, edgy, and powerful. I loved the show and found it inspiring. I will never understand why this group did not reach the heights of popularity.


Dr Dreamwalker

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